Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eighteen Months!

Dear Caroline,

You are eighteen months old!

We really cannot believe that you are eighteen months old!  Mommy and Daddy are having a hard time believing that you have only been with us for eighteen months and at the same time we can't believe that it has been eighteen months!

You have had a busy month.  You have been eating A LOT and I noticed most of my pictures of you are you eating.  Maybe it's because you are strapped into a booster seat and not moving?  You are loving the warm weather and have become very adventurous playing outside.  You love to try and follow the big kids.  You love playing on the playground and using chalk on the driveway!

This month, Nana and Pap Pap came for a visit and you LOVED spending time with them.  You really like playing on the playground at the mall.  You have gotten better about going to the gym daycare- you still cry when I drop you off but as soon as I leave, you are happy as a clam and play for an hour.  You do not like the church nursery.  :)

You don't like to share toys with your sister, but you will do it.  You love to play with baby dolls and read books.  You also love to have "races" with your sister around the house on your ride-on car.  

You favorite word is momma followed by dada and snack.  You can also say sissy, car, cat, and up.  You sign please and all done.  You are really good at following directions and you understand almost everything we say.  You love for us to name body parts (nose, ear, etc.) and you point to the correct one. You like to give high fives, blow kisses, and wave.

You wear a size 4 diaper, size 2T clothes, and a size 4 shoe.  You eat three meals a day plus one or two snacks.  You nap from 12:30pm-2:30-3ish.  You get up between 7:30am-8am and go to bed between 6:30-7pm.  I am guessing you weigh around 25 pounds and you are 30-31 inches tall.  You wear your hair in a little ponytail on top of your head everyday (to keep the hair out of your eyes).   You have 8.5 teeth and I am hoping you get more soon.

You are so adventurous and I am excited to see summer through your eyes this year.  We are so pumped for all the fun we are going to have and I can't wait to spend a lot of time outside this summer and spring.

Here are some pictures of your adventures from this past month:

 At the mall playground

 Selfies with mommy after I workout :)

 Hi Momma!


 I'm not supposed to do this with my plate?

 You think I like spaghetti?

 Maybe a little...

 Okay, you got me.
I really, really like spaghetti!

Opposite day?

 Not for another 15 years my friend :)

 Oh hello

 Playground fun!

 Climbing UP the slide

 Nana is here!

 Actually smiling in the car...
Because she just took off her socks and shoes :)

 Train ride at the mall

We love you sweet baby!


Momma and Dadda

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