Monday, March 21, 2016

"Spring Break" in Texas!

Last week, Elizabeth and I flew to Texas to visit my mom and grandmother for "spring break".  I use quotes because Elizabeth is not in school and I don't have a job.  :)  We really went to celebrate my grandmother turning 84!

We really had fun on our mother-daughter trip and I had a blast celebrating four generations together for several days. 

 Watching Frozen and eating oreos.  
Does life get any better?

 We took uber to my grandmother's house and I showed Elizabeth 
the tree I climbed in when I was a kid. :)

 She loved it!

 Not to be outdone by her great granddaughter, my grandmother climbed into the tree as well

 Elizabeth and Grandmother had a lot of fun together on Wednesday afternoon

 Thursday morning we were up early to celebrate my Grandmother's 84th birthday!
We took the Grapevine train to the Stockyards to eat lunch and shop.

 Elizabeth really enjoyed her first train ride

We had the best bbq at Riscky's
I love this four-generation picture!

 After lunch, Elizabeth had her first ever pony ride!

 She really liked it :)

 Then we checked out the long horn :)

 Sometimes four-year-olds don't want to smile for the camera :)

 Elizabeth wanted to ride the electric horse before getting back on the train

 Train ride back to Grapevine

 On Friday, we headed over to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

 We had tickets to the butterfly exhibit

 I thought this pink tree was interesting 

 Spinning in front of the purple tree :)

 After the butterfly exhibit, we drove over to Joe T. Garcia's for lunch

 Then it was time for more tree climbing

 After the party, this girl was worn out.

Friday night, our cousins came over for a pizza dinner and cupcakes.  We had so much fun eating and hanging out that I totally forgot to take any pictures of anything (or anyone).  Whoops.  After the party, I put Elizabeth to bed and we relaxed.

 Saturday morning, this girl enjoyed being a cowgirl for a few hours before we headed to the airport.

 Love these three!

Happy Birthday Grandmother!  We enjoyed celebrating with you!

Happy Monday y'all!

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