Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Finals!

The girls and I ran to Harris Teeter and BJs on Sunday and Giant on Monday.

Harris Teeter:
(2) Gerber Graduates Squeezies
(1) Frozen Graham cookies
(4) Boxes of Special K Bars
(1) 4-count Dole squeezies
(2) Bags of Peanut MMs
(1) Bottle of pledge
(4) Boxes of Horizon Mac n Cheese
(2) Sprout Squeezies
(1) Bag of shredded lettuce
(7) Bananas
(1) Bag of Thomas Bagels
(4) Containers of Frozen Grape Juice
(5) Yoplait yogurts
(1) Container sour cream
(1) 12-pack diet coke

Total spent: $46.58
Total saved: $22.93

(1) 10-count apple slices
(1) gallon of whole milk
(1) 42-count box of snack packs
(1) 36-count of string cheese

Total spent: $22.31
Total saved: $7.26

(2) Packages of Taco Seasonings
(1) 2-count Chocolate pie
(2) Gerber graduate snacks
(3) oreo minis

Total spent: $5.48
Total saved: $6.94

Bolded items are free!

Happy Friday y'all!

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