Friday, March 25, 2016

SUYL Fridays- DIY projects

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner today to discuss do-it-yourself projects or (DIY).  It's part of her series, Show Us Your Life (SUYL) Fridays.  I have always loved this series and I am so excited it's back!

We have made several big changes to our home, but by far the most obvious change is our main floor.  We have a four-story townhouse and our main floor is the kitchen, dining room, and family room.

This is our main floor when we closed on the house:

 White appliances, laminate counter tops, no hardware on the cabinets

 Blue carpet in the kitchen

 Close-up on the blue carpet

Dining room

 This is the breakfast nook in the kitchen.
The wall behind the china cabinet had been bright, fire engine red.
we painted the entire kitchen a light green color (almost like a light olive) and put hardwoods in the kitchen.

 We replaced the counter tops with granite, put in a new sink, and ordered all new stainless steel appliances.  Ben added hardware to all of the drawers and doors on the kitchen cabinets.
(We did the appliances and counter tops in 2011, the painting and new hardware in 2012)

 We painted the living room a cream color.
We have also added curtains, I just don't have a picture. :)

 We painted the dining room a light blue.
We wanted all three "rooms" to be different colors to help separate the spaces.

 This is a view of the dining room and kitchen.
We replaced the dining room table in 2014 (shows you how old these photos are).  :)

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