Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Finals!

I am linking up with Southern Savers tonight to share my Friday Finals from grocery shopping this week.

I did shopping at Harris Teeter, Giant, and CVS.
This is a picture of everything from all three stores.

What I got:

(2) Boxes of Lucky Charms
(2) Boxes of Special K bars
(1) Bag of chips
(2) Bag of pretzels
(5) Cans of soup
(5) Yogurts
(1) Box of Mott's gummie snacks
(8) Bananas
(5) Boxes of pasta
(5) Jars of pasta sauce
(4) 4-packs of fruit cups
(1) Container of sour cream
(1) 3-count box of popcorn
(1) Bag of onions
(1) Lemon
(1) Container of oregano
(1) Package of lunch bags
(5) Bags of Easter candy
(1) Bag of shredded lettuce
(2) Boxes of perogies

Total spent: $51.32

Total saved: $52.40

Happy Friday y'all!

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