Thursday, January 5, 2017

Life Lately!

Life lately has been full of making resolutions, traveling, unpacking, going back-to-school, going back-to-work, packing up Christmas decorations, AND trying to get back to the gym. 

I always feel a little discombobulated after the holidays AND traveling and it takes a few days to get back into the swing of things. We finally have most of the Christmas decorations put away, except for holiday hand towels that I keep finding and our outside Christmas lights (it's been raining). 

Here's a little look at life lately...

 We really enjoyed our New Years vacation at Deep Creek.

 This little cutie LOVED following Elizabeth and Kylie around

 My big girl wanted to play in the snow ALL. DAY. LONG.

 Tuesday night we hit up kids club night at Chick-Fil-A.
Elizabeth getting a picture with the cow is her favorite.

 The girls made posters with their "goals" for the year.
Love it!

 I wanted to get a picture of Ben and Caroline...

 ... and Elizabeth wanted to be in the picture too!

 Caroline just wanted to eat her ice cream :)

 Elizabeth enjoyed her ice cream too

 Wednesday morning the girls and I headed to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles.

 Wednesday afternoon Elizabeth decided to take some pictures with my phone
1) Yes, it's a little blurry
2) Yes, I am in a robe during the day, isn't everyone?
3) The book Adam and Brigette gave me for Christmas is really good

 This was the other picture on my phone :)

Happy Thursday y'all!

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