Thursday, January 12, 2017

Life Lately

Life lately is back to normal!  We finally got back into our groove this week- school, work, gym, dinner, etc.  I feel like the time between Thanksgiving and the first week of January is just a free-for-all for fun, activities, family, food, and getting out of a routine.  I am thankful to be back to basics and working towards my 2017 goals.

Here is a little look at our life lately...

 Ben was invited to go to the Steelers game on Sunday in Pittsburgh

 Adam and Ben loved the game, but not the -11 wind chill :)

 It has been below freezing for most of the past week, so we have been building LOTS of forts.

 Elizabeth loves the forts!

 Caroline is a little confused by the concept :)


 Caroline trying to play fort

While I made dinner, they played "sleep time" while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

 I treated Elizabeth to a "spa day" while Caroline was napping
She picked six different colors for her fingers and toes

 We opened this gift from Ga-Ga.
It's called spinning puzzle and Elizabeth LOVES it!

 We have played with this all week

 Here is a little video of her invention :)

 I tried to get a snuggly selfie with Caroline

 So of course Elizabeth wanted to be in the picture.
No sibling rivalry here y'all! ;)

 And Caroline does the slow-slide out of my lap

 Elizabeth follows me around while I vacuum and asks to use the vacuum all. the. time.
I got this new one for Christmas and so I thought I would let her try it out.




 While Caroline was napping, Elizabeth did the art project from her Uncle Adam and Aunt Brigette.
They sent her a kids craft box for Christmas with 16 art projects in it.
She loves crafting and this gift was wonderful!

 First project- done!

Happy girl :)

 Different day, different try at a selfie :)


Happy Thursday y'all!

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