Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Resolutions!

I LOVE making resolutions at the beginning of each year!  
Resolutions help me start the year fresh and give me challenges to work towards all year long.

My 2016 Resolutions:

1. Find the happy.  Keep the happy.
2. Become more giving- watching other people's kids, donating to charity, volunteering. 
3. Maintain a healthy weight. 

 4. Travel more to see family and friends.  AND... travel to new places.  

5. I want to spend (some time) in 2016 enjoying good wine. :)

6. Remember other people.  

7. And lastly- my financial/home goals- these are family goals:
Increase our emergency savings by 10%
Replace the carpet in our living room
Replace our decking
Paint our ceilings
Get passports for Ben, Elizabeth, and Caroline
Put new curtains in the master bathroom
Put curtains in the master bedroom

I am so happy I accomplished most of my goals for 2016!  We did increase our emergency savings by 10%, but then had to spend the money on emergencies.  We also didn't get our ceilings painted, so hopefully in 2017.

So here are my Resolutions for 2017:

1. Continue to maintain a healthy weight AND a regular workout schedule

2. Continue to be more giving and charitable, volunteer more.

3. Continue to travel to see family and friends AND travel to new places

4. Worry less about what other people think

5. Enjoy being where I am and who I am

6. Run more races AND challenge myself to run long races

7.Financial/home goals:
Get ceilings painted
Start college savings for both girls
Increase our emergency savings
Put new railing on deck
Finish playroom decor
Finish guest bedroom/office update

2016 was a great year for us and I hope 2017 continues down that path!
 We already have a lot of fun things planned for the year and I am excited to share our journey along the way.  Here's to making 2017 one of the best yet!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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