Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Steal and Splurge!

Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday: Steal and Splurge to discuss how we save and what we splurge on.

If you know me in real life, you know that I use coupons, plan ahead, and shop the sales to get more for less.  The most common things I get for a "steal" would be groceries and toiletries.  But I also shop for toys, clothes, gifts, going out-to-eat, and holiday decor by planning ahead and using coupons.

I started couponing more and planning ahead in 2014 when I stopped working to become a full-time stay-at-home-mom.  I was able to come up with an extra $5,000-$7,000/year by couponing and planning around sales.

With that extra money, we have been able to continue our "splurges" which would be traveling and going on multiple vacations.  I also get to enjoy my personal splurges of pedicures and salon highlights. :)

Here is a little more about my steals and splurges:


We invested in a chest freezer with some Christmas money a few years ago and it has been the biggest help in saving money on food.  We now have a ton of extra freezer space so I can buy in bulk, freeze items I normally wouldn't, and make meals ahead and freeze them.

Below are some pictures of grocery trips where I saved around 70% with coupons.

Groceries from Harris Teeter (2015).
Baby food, pasta sauce, organic mac n' cheese, salad dressing, diapers, tissues, taco kits, mouth wash, razors, vitamins, pasta, apple sauce, and the list goes on and on...

Groceries in 2016
Frozen vegetables, yogurt, string cheese, milk, frozen waffles, chicken nuggets, yogurt, jello

More groceries in 2016
Lysol cleaning products, baby wipes, yogurts, turkey lunch meat, croutons, etc.

More groceries... I save between 60%-70% at the grocery store 

This is some Easter candy from 2016.
I put these jelly beans in the Easter eggs for egg hunts.
Holiday candy is one of the best things I get for free at CVS

Groceries, January 2017
Pull-ups, bananas, yogurt, cheese, meatballs, dry and wet swiffers, shampoo, pasta, apple sauce, nutella, pasta, taco kits, clorox wipes, etc.


My personal splurges are getting my hair highlighted, getting pedicures, and using Clinique.

I get all of Ben's, Elizabeth's, and Caroline's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for free with coupons, so I try not to feel too guilty about using pricey shampoo/conditioner on my hair AND getting salon highlights every eight weeks or so.

I get pedicures every two-three weeks.  I go to the same nail place, I always pick an OPI color (the picture above is from last week), and I always read a book.  I've been running about 15 miles per week and getting a good pedicure every few weeks really helps protect my nails and feet from all the running I do.
I've been using Clinique since I was 14 and I don't have any plans to stop.  My skin is really sensitive and Clinique does not irritate it (which a lot of other brands do).  I use the three-step skin care on my face, I only use Clinique sunscreen on my face, and I only use Clinique make-up, so yeah, it's a pricey splurge, but worth it for healthy skin.

Travel is our biggest splurge (and our most expensive splurge).  We don't live near any family, so a lot of our trips involve travel to see them.

South Carolina in 2015, on our way to Atlanta

Ben and I went to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and Denver, Colorado in 2015

With my mom and Grandmother in Colorado in 2015

The Chesapeake Bay in 2015

Denver, 2015

Lake Palo Pinto, Texas in 2016

The Outer Banks, North Carolina in 2016

The Hoover Dam in 2015

The Grand Canyon in 2015

The Outer Banks in 2016
Kayak tour in the Outer Banks, 2016

Key West, FL in 2012

New Jersey (looking into Philadelphia) in 2012

Virginia Beach in 2013 for a half marathon race and beach vacation

Virginia Beach 2013

Raleigh, NC girls trip in 2016

Raleigh, NC in 2016

Atlanta Aquarium in 2013

Columbia, SC in 2012

Columbia, SC in 2012

Lake Palo Pinto, TX in July 2014

 Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in November, 2016

Harpers Ferry, WV

I traveled A LOT growing up and I want my kids to have that same experience.  We enjoy seeing new places and trying new things and I would rather spend my money on experiences than things.  I hope that gives y'all a better since for what I "steal" and what I "splurge".  Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. You just got another follower :) Happy Tuesday!!

  2. I stopped by from the link up! I'm with you on the make up. I splurge on it as well! I mostly use Mary Kay but I started using Clinique's custom repair serum and I LOVE it! It's amazing. Who was your roommate since she is from my hometown. I'm dying to know! :)

  3. Oh girl, I am a couponer from way back and a true CVS lover. They all know me by name in there, lol.

  4. Love to travel!!! And hair are nails are worth every penny!!!