Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Review

Remember way back on Friday when I wrote that we were going to have a relaxing weekend around here.  Well, that quickly changed Saturday afternoon. :)

Friday we went to the gym and then hung around the house.  In the afternoon the girls enjoyed their chocolate Santa's from Christmas.

Saturday morning we had snow.  While we were watching the snow, Ben's brother called and asked if he wanted to go to the Steelers playoff game (in Pittsburgh!) on Sunday afternoon.  We agreed Ben should go to the game. :)

Saturday night we had date night!  The church was thanking volunteers with a wine and cheese party and after the party we headed to the mall for some kid-free shopping!

Sunday morning Ben headed to Pittsburgh and the girls and I hung around the house (it was -5 outside).  While I was getting ready for the day, Elizabeth stuck a bead up her nose and it got stuck!  We had to go to the Kaiser Emergency clinic and thankfully it came out quickly.  Caroline stayed with our neighbors and by the time Elizabeth and I got home it was after 1pm.  We ate lunch and Caroline took a LONG nap.  Ben enjoyed the freezing game (think -11 windchill) and took some pictures.  Ben was home around 10pm last night and has completely lost his voice, said he was still cold six hours later, and whisper-told me a story about how his beer froze and turned to slush and he couldn't drink it (because it was so cold outside).

So that was our "relaxing" weekend.  Please enjoy this story in pictures:

Chocolate Santa for a Friday afternoon snack


Saturday morning smiles :)

Hey mom!

Ben took the girls to story hour at Barnes and Noble and it was barely snowing.  While they were gone, the snow really started to come down and I snapped these pictures of our driveway and road.  I was a little nervous, but Ben got everyone home safe and sound. :)

Saturday morning snow

Saturday night we stopped into Maggiano's and had cocktails after some shopping

Sunday morning, waiting to see the doctor because someone stuck a bead up her nose

This bead took five years off my life.
Elizabeth is never allowed to have a bead again. ;)

The bead came out, but we were still waiting to see the doctor.

 Ben with four layers of clothes and coats.
Two hats, two pairs of socks, snow boots, gloves, scarf, and hand/foot warmers.

 Game time!

 What a beautiful view!

 Adam and Ben

 Trying to stay warm

 Happy Monday y'all!


  1. Oh no! Poor little thing. I bet that bead scared you both to death.

    1. I think she learned her lesson... I was terrified. Thankfully, she is good and I have calmed down. :)

  2. Looks like a pretty good weekend other than the bead getting stuck. That is always scary!

    1. It was! Pretty relaxing until 11am on Sunday. :)