Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Your top three favorites from 2016!

I love looking back at my old blog posts for lots of reasons!  
I love seeing this digital scrap book of how my life and family has changed/grown/expanded over the years.  I love having those memories saved at my fingertips.  It helps me to remember some of my favorite times through the years and helps me to remember milestones my girls accomplish.
Additionally, I really enjoy seeing which posts were the most popular to you.  It helps me as a writer to understand what my audience enjoys most.
Here are the top three posts from 2016: 

#1: Momfessionals... confessions of being a mom!

#2: Show Us Your Life- Organization!

#3: Show and Tell Tuesday- Re-introductions and Resolutions

Happy Wednesday y'all!

And remember...

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