Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekend Review: New Years Vacation!

We decided at the beginning of 2016 that we wanted to get out-of-town to ring in the new year and celebrate 2017 in style.  We rented a house at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland with Jared, Kelly, and Scot and spent four days and three nights playing in the snow, eating lots of good food, and enjoying a fun and relaxing new year. 

Here are about 23942 pictures from our last vacation of 2016/first vacation of 2017:

We left Friday after lunch and it took about three hours to get there.  We enjoyed a sleeping little sister and a big sister enjoying movies on her kindle to make for a smooth drive. 

 Caroline fell asleep and Elizabeth requested some picture taking :)

 I love when Ben drives!

 Front seat/back seat selfie :)

 Took some pictures of our drive to show my mom the snow

Saturday morning, we hung around the house and then went out to play in the snow.  We were going to try snow tubing at Wisp but the weather was too bad to drive so we stayed home.

 Caroline loves a good rocking chair

 Elizabeth explaining princess toys to Scot

 Ben trying to fix the slinkie

 Snow angel time!

 Caroline wanted to make snow angels too!

 Elizabeth, Caroline, and Kylie LOVED the snow!

 Caroline trying to make snow balls

 And more snow angels

 Selfie with my love!

 New years eve kiss with my love! :)

 Caroline finally made a snow ball

Everyone playing in the snow
 Snow selfie with my baby girl

 Snow selfie with my big girl

 While Caroline made snow angels, Elizabeth and Kylie made a snowman

 Snowman with a tiara on top :)

 More snow angels

 In the afternoon, the guys played pool...

 While the girls had a little tablet time

 The girls had dinner around 6 on New Years Eve and enjoyed their party necklaces

 These two giggle all the time together

 Cupcake dessert for New Years Eve!

  Once the girls were in bed, I set-up our party

 We are ready for 2017!

 New Years Eve selfie with Scot!

 Jared and Kelly!

  New Years Eve with Ben!

 Time to party :)

 Selfie with my girl Kelly :)

 We are ready to party!
 Group selfie
(the glasses were hard to see through)

   Happy New Year!

 Love this guy!
 Jared and Kelly :)

We had a lot of fun celebrating New Years!  We had a ton of appetizers and drinks, watched football and New Years Rockin Eve, and lots of champagne! :)  

Sunday morning did come very early with three little girls in the house...

 January 1st pic with my baby girl

 Love this girlie

 Elizabeth and Kylie playing with some New Years goodies

 Love this girl!

 In the afternoon, Elizabeth and I headed out for a walk.

 Our house is right across from the lake


 She just wanted to roll around in the snow

 Following deer tracks on our walk

 Elizabeth wanted to take a bunch of selfies.
She is so silly and fun!

 Monday night we played hand and foot and I had to get one photo of that.

That was our New Years trip.  It was a blast and was the perfect amount of fun and relaxation.

Happy New Year friends!


  1. Seeing these pictures at Deep Creek Lake made me so happy! My grandfather was born there, and my family has spent two weeks there every summer for my whole life! It is one of my favorite places on earth! I'd love to visit in the winter sometime, it looks beautiful! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We love Deep Creek and I am so glad we were able to take our kids there to experience it.