Tuesday, February 10, 2015

7 years of togetherness

Yesterday was our 7th dateiversary.  Seven years since my first date with Ben or as I enjoying looking at it- seven years since my last first date.

I had zero plans to go on a date on February 9, 2008- but God had other plans for me. 

I had flown to DC to visit my friend Anjaly for a girl's weekend and to be her date to her company office party (she works in a hospital and they had their party after the holidays). 

But, on Friday (February 8th) Anjaly and I ended up at Ben's apartment hanging out with him and their other friends Jim and Anuja.  Ben and I spent about three hours talking and I left the apartment that night thinking about Ben and wanting to spend more time with him.

Saturday, Anjaly and I played tourist all day and went to the monuments and then got ready for her holiday party.  After her party, we met up with a bunch of Anjaly's friends (including Ben).  Ben and I sat together for hours and kinda ignored everyone else with us (sorry).

We have been together since that night and consider that our first date.



Ben, I love you.  Thank you the best seven years, and here's to another seventy!

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