Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life Lately

It has been anything but usual around here this week.

On Monday, Ben and I celebrated 7 years of togetherness.  I was so excited for our date in and celebrating, that I took the time to get all dressed up and I even put my hair in hot rollers.

 Playing with nugget 2 before she went to bed

After I got ready.  Doesn't the boot go nicely with my outfit?

 Ben came home early from work and we hung out before he left to pick up dinner.
When he came home, I had surprised him by setting the table with our nice china.

Ben sent me two dozen of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen.
I just love love love multicolored bouquets!

On Tuesday, I was super sick (we think it was the dinner) so Ben stayed home and took care of the girls.  I found these pictures the next day on my camera:

On Tuesday night, two very nice repair men from Sears came out to look at our oven.  It worked Sunday for lunch, and at dinner time on Sunday it wouldn't heat up.

For two long days our oven didn't work.  :(

$320 later, our oven works again.
See the burned up circuit in the lower right hand corner?
Yep, that's the circuit that heats the oven and it burned out for some reason.
All the others worked just fine.  Just that one circuit.  $320.  Blah!

On Wednesday, I had a dermatology appointment so the girls spent the morning with Vicki.  I think Caroline could have cared less, but Elizabeth was over-the-moon and has been asking me nonstop when she gets to go back.  She talked all day about all the fun she had with Mrs. Vicki.  :)

Later Wednesday morning, Elizabeth enjoyed doing another Valentine's art project for some of her favorite people.

I guess all the fun the girls had with Mrs. Vicki wore them out because Caroline took a 4-hour-nap and Elizabeth slept upside down in her bed.  I sent this picture to Ben when I looked in the monitor and saw how she was sleeping:

Yep, those are Elizabeth's feet through the slats

Today we have been hanging around the house and Elizabeth and I made Valentine's cookies while Caroline was taking a nap.  This is the first time I have had Elizabeth "help" me in the kitchen and she really enjoyed it.

 We made the dough and then turned in red/pink when we adding food coloring

 Our "pink" dough

 Added some valentine m&ms 

 Cutting the heart shaped cookies

 Tasting her work
"These are deeeelicous!" - Elizabeth

 Savoring the last bite

I think Elizabeth did a great job!

Happy Thursday!

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