Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Think PINK

This week and next week are two of my favorite weeks in the whole entire year.  February is always a busy month for us because we celebrate our dateiversary, Valentine's Day, and Elizabeth's birthday all in 10 day stretch.

And since love is in the air even more so this month, I have enjoyed dressing the girls up in PINK.  Oh my do we have some pink going on in this house.   Luckily, Elizabeth is girly and Caroline has no idea what is going on so I can get away with it for now.  In a few years... who knows.

Below are the girls in some of their very favorite pink outfits:

 This is the total PINK package: hairbow, onsie, and pants
I think Aunt Stacy would be proud :)

 Pink flowers all over, very girly

 Pink snow pants and a pink snow coat.  
Check and Check.
Thanks to Vicki for the coat, they go nicely with the pants!

 Pink coat over a pink shirt

 Pink pajamas while working in her office

 Pink outfit with pink bow

 This is the "no idea what's going on" I was talking about 

Pink as an accent color
While playing on the pink tummy time mat of course

A pale pink long-sleeve onsie to enjoy the day

Happy Wednesday!

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