Friday, February 6, 2015

Ankle Injury Update: Part Four

We (all four of us) loaded up the car this morning and headed over to Kaiser for my follow-up doctor's appointment for my ankle injury. 

We met with a nurse practitioner that reviewed my injury, examined my ankle, completed some range-of-motion tests, and then checked for blood clots.

I still have a lot of pain over my medial malleolus, she did not like that.

My range-of-motion is improving, very slowly, but improving.

I do not have any blood clots (didn't know I should be worried about this).


I get to wear the moon boot for another two weeks and I go back on February 23rd to be reevaluated. 

I get to continue doing my flexion/extension exercises and my straight leg raises. 

I was hoping to get out of the boot today, but I knew before we went there that that wasn't going to happen.  My pain level is still significant, the swelling came back two days ago, and I can barely extend my foot.  Fun times!

Waiting for my exam

Happy Friday!

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