Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Review

We have had a very busy weekend around here.  

 Friday night, I enjoyed a margarita and tried to do some online shopping...
I say try because the jeans I wanted were only offered in size 00.
Who wears 00?  And why is that the only size?
That is an Ann Taylor Loft fail.

 Friday night, Ben made pizza to go with our margaritas

 Saturday morning we enjoyed Valentine's day presents and breakfast

 Elizabeth tore into her present

 She got a new cup, big girl forks, a book, and some candy

 We are still trying to wake up

 Elizabeth got a singing card from Ga-Ga

 Our Krispy Kreme doughnuts and breakfast sausage

 Elizabeth picked all of the sprinkles off her doughnut and then ate her doughnut

 Using her new fork

 Picking the sprinkles off her doughnut

 My valentine got me wine and chocolate
Thank you honey!!!

 Ben got these beast clawz, some chocolate, and a couple of cards

 Our girls wished everyone a Happy Valentine's day

 I tried to take a picture with my Valentine and my junior valentine climbed on me

 Me and my valentine

 Elizabeth wanted to be in the picture

 Me and my baby valentine

 Me and my junior valentines

 I love watching them play together

 Elizabeth cracks herself up when playing with Caroline

 Saturday night when had a date-night in and Ben made cheese fondue

 It was super yummy!

 After the cheese fondue we attempted to make a chocolate fondue.
This is our flambé chocolate fondue.
Weelllll...the flambé did not burn out.  
And it made our chocolate fondue very crispy.
We ended up melting some chocolate chips in the microwave and using that for our dippers.

Sunday I went to the grocery store to do our shopping for the week.
These Mott's squeezies were on clearance for $1.64.
I had $1 off coupons that made the boxes 64 cents.  Yahoo!!!

Sunday night, Jessica and Noah came over for tacos and a game of Hand and Foot.
Tacos were great.
Jessica also brought brownies and we inhaled them.
Jessica and Noah kicked our butts at Hand and Foot.

We hope you had a great weekend too!

Happy Monday!

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