Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mardi Gras festivities

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

We are snowed in around here and so with some advanced planning, I had arranged a whole day of Mardi Gras festivities (food) for us to enjoy while being snowed in.

 When everyone came downstairs this morning they were 
greeted to the table decorated for Fat Tuesday.

 Elizabeth quickly picked up the decorations and tried them on

 Caroline chilled on the tummy time mat.
She has been fighting a virus and a fever and has been pretty chilled out.

 Sitting down to breakfast

 A King Cake Coffee Cake for breakfast

Elizabeth refused to sit and eat, so she stood and ate

 After breakfast, Ben shoveled our driveway

 Ben worked from home today, but once he got off work, he took Elizabeth out in the snow.
She wanted to play on the deck and no where else.

 She took some toys out of her water table

Snow angel

Once Ben and Elizabeth came back inside, I made everyone some hot chocolate

 I got the table decorated for dinner
(I had to take the decorations back from Elizabeth)

 Our centerpiece

 Dinner time!

I made Jambalaya for the first time ever.
We thought it was great!

 Tomorrow is Elizabeth's 3rd birthday so we took some pictures after dinner
Her last night of being two

 She loves to "help" with the camera

A good, non-blurry photo

We hope everyone had a great Mardi Gras!

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