Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Review

We have had a nice weekend around here.  
We stayed home all weekend and enjoyed being snowed in.

I got up with the girls on Saturday morning and let Ben sleep in.  We enjoyed playing in the living room before Dad got up to join us. 

 Me and my smiley baby

 Elizabeth was pretending to do something with my nails.
I have no idea what she was doing...

 Ben put together Elizabeth's pop up castle

 I want everyone who bought us the castle and tunnel to remember...
 what comes around, goes around :)

 Our view around 3pm on Saturday
 Caroline playing with her favorite toy before bed time

 Once the girls were in bed, Ben and I played Hand and Foot.
The game is not over, but I am winning.  :)

 Sunday, I slept in while Ben got up with the girls.
When I get up, I try to always make the bed.
I just love having the bed made up.  
It helps me feel like I've already accomplished something for the day.

 Once I came downstairs, Ben went outside to shovel.

Before Caroline's afternoon nap, the girls played together on a blanket.

 This 6-9 month outfit is about done.
(She will be 5 months old in 4 days!)

I loved this!
Elizabeth resting her hand on Caroline's back and talking to her.

This afternoon Ben went to the grocery store because it was too icy for me.
(All the ice has now melted)
Ben saved 45% today!
He spent $48.49 and saved $39.65 with coupons.
I will be blogging tomorrow about his shopping trip and our weekly dinner menu.

Tonight I went out to dinner and a movie with some girlfriends.  

Hope you had a great weekend.

Happy Sunday!

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