Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Dear Elizabeth,

You are three years old today!

We absolutely cannot believe that you are three.  You are not our little baby any more, you are a kid for sure.  I am not exactly sure when that happened, but I began to notice it this summer.  You have become much more independent and want to do almost everything by yourself.

In the last year, you have:

- Had many, many snow days
- Found out you were going to have a baby sister
- Saw Uncle Adam and Aunt Brigette get married
- Picked strawberries at Butler's Orchard
- Moved out of your crib and into a full-size bed
- Flew to Texas for the 4th of July
- Did lots and lots of arts and crafts projects
- Played outside A LOT
- Mom stopped working and stays at home with you (and Caroline)
- You got a sister (Caroline was born!)
- Picked pumpkins at Butler's Orchard
- Dressed up as a princess for Halloween
- Spent a week with Nana and Pap Pap
- Went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and Christmas
- Went to Zoo Lights
- Sat on Santa's lap and told him what you wanted for Christmas, Gramps was there
- Spent New Years Eve with Jared and Kelly and Kylie
- Had your first ER visit when you and Mom fell on New Years day

You also:

- are potty trained
- have all your teeth (except your 3-year-old molars)
- still LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse
- have started to enjoy Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, and Miles from Tomorrowland on TV
- LOVE to read, you would read all day if we let you
- love to do art projects and we color everyday
- love to do puzzles
- have started getting your nails painted, your favorite color to have on your nails is blue
- are very protective of your sister, you don't like strangers near her
- love to have dance parties

Your favorites:

Color: Purple
Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Book: Clifford the Big Red Dog
Food: Applesauce squeezie
Drink: Milk
Toy: Anything princess related
Art project: Anything with glue
Thing to do with Caroline: Lay on the tummy time mat with her

You wear size 3T clothes and size 6 shoes.  You wear a 3T coat and 2T-3T socks.  You love to have your hair in a pony tail or braids and you like to wear hair bows.  You also like to wear hair ties on your wrists (one on each wrist).  You go to the doctor this Friday but I think you are 37 inches tall and about 27 pounds.

You eat three meals a day and one afternoon snack, usually after your nap time.  You got to bed at 8pm and sleep until about 7am.  You nap from 2-4pm, or play in your room quietly. 

At bed time, we brush your teeth, read a book, and say prayers.  You have started saying the prayer once we start it and we usually let you finish it if you start.

You are very strong willed and don't like being told when to do something.  You like doing things once you are ready to do them.  You are also very funny and very loving.  You love to give hugs and cuddle in my lap.  You LOVE to be tickled and ask to be tickled at least twice a day.  You favorite thing to say right now is "NEVER!"

Some examples:

Mom- "Elizabeth, come here for dinner."
Elizabeth- "NEVER!"

Mom- "Elizabeth, it's time to put on your shoes."
Elizabeth- "NEVER!"

Mom- "Elizabeth, it's time to color."
Elizabeth- "NEVER!"

You then laugh hysterically and skip over to me saying "NEVER!" "NEVER!" "NEVER! " as you come over and do whatever it is that I have asked of you.  I believe you say this because you want to be in control and by saying "never" and then doing it, you have "decided" you are in control.  Or something like that...

Our sweet girl, we love you more than you will ever possibly know.  We are so proud of the polite, funny, smart, beautiful girl you have become.  We know that great things are in store for you and we pray that you continue to keep God at the center of your life.

All of our love,

Mom and Dad

 March snow storm


Telling the world you are going to have a sister

 Picking strawberries in June

 Texas in July

 Sidewalk chalk in August

 Meeting Caroline in September


 Hot chocolate at Thanksgiving

 Making a Gingerbread house

 Snow angels in January

 Family photo for your birthday

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