Thursday, February 19, 2015

Elizabeth's 3rd birthday celebration

Yesterday was Elizabeth's third birthday.  In lieu of a birthday party, we did a family fun day and spent the day together as a family celebrating Elizabeth.

Ben and I had planned a whole day full of special meals and fun activities that we could enjoy all together.

 I set up the table for a special breakfast

 We put up a few decorations

 Elizabeth with her birthday doughnut

 She has to eat the sprinkles first

You must have a party hat and party accessories

 A few presents appeared at the front door
So Dad helped Elizabeth open them

 From her great aunts and uncle

After Elizabeth opened a couple of presents from her great aunts and uncle, we showered and dressed and headed over to Chuck E. Cheese.

Ben and I were not sure what to expect, but she loved everything!  We went to a Chuck E. Cheese in Fairfax and it was clean, organized, and everything was really maintained.  It wasn't too crowded, but I am sure more people were there than normal because Fairfax had a snow day.

We got a pizza, drinks, and 25 tokens.  I wasn't sure how many tokens she would use and we started with 25.  Well... after she played each game once, all she wanted to do was climb in the tube maze that goes across the ceiling.  We were there for 2.5 hours and Elizabeth easily spent 1.5 hours climbing in the tubes.

 A dance game

 A game where you push balls into a dogs mouth


Hitting some frogs

 This bike went up in the air when you pushed the pedals

 Stopping for a pizza break

 We thought this was just a horse.
Nope, it was a race horse

Caroline had a blast too!

 Gotta ride the carousel

 Climbing in the tubes

 And more climbing...

After we got back from Chuck E. Cheese, the girls went down for a nap/rest and we brought up all of Elizabeth's presents to open when she got up.  I went with a hot pink theme this year. 

 Presents from Mom, Dad, and Caroline 
and a few from Nana and Papa and Uncle Adam and Aunt Brigette

 She wanted to open the big one first

With a little help from mom

 It's a play kitchen!

 After presents, we had cake

 Elizabeth said she wanted a cake with sprinkles


We ended the day with some Chick-Fil-A at home.  Both of the girls were a little cranky, and we were all pretty tired, so Ben went and picked up Chick-Fil-A for us.  Elizabeth enjoyed eating her nuggets while watching Mickey Mouse.

Thank you to everyone that sent Elizabeth well wishes on her birthday and to everyone that sent her presents.  She had a great day and we really enjoyed spending the day together as a family.

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