Sunday, February 8, 2015

Elizabeth's room update

We (Ben) rearranged Elizabeth's bedroom this weekend.

We have been wanting to move her bed away from the windows because she keeps pulling apart her blinds and has basically destroyed the lower half of them.  Our hope is that now she won't play with the blinds because her bed isn't right up against them.  We also wanted to move her bed because she climbs from her bed onto the windowsill.

This is what her room looked like when we set her up in her big girl bed .

This is what it looks like now:

 (notice the blinds)

 Yes, her chest of drawers is turned around, she kept climbing up it

Top of her chest of drawers

Hair bows!

Did/Does anyone else have kids that climb on everything?  Elizabeth has turned into the biggest climber and we have been trying to stop her from climbing on things that can be dangerous (windowsill, chest of drawers, etc.).  Has anyone found anything that works to keep your kids from climbing, or how long did it take to grow out of?

Happy Sunday!

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