Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Finals- Super Doubles!

It's Friday and it's finally time to share my super doubles shopping for the week!  The girls and I have been to Harris Teeter twice to stock up on all the best deals during super doubles.  We had a lot of luck during both trips and picked up several items that we just needed (like milk, gummie snacks, and diapers).

 Trip 1

Trip 2

What we got:

(2) Boxes of Bisquick
(6) Gerber Graduate squeezies
(2) Happy Baby squeezies
(4) Boxes of Mott's gummie snacks
(3) Bags of frozen meatballs
(3) Boxes of Special K bars
(2) Packages of guacamole*
(2) Packages of tortillas*
(4) Bags of shredded cheese
(1) Block of cheese
(1) Bottle of mustard*
(1) Bottle of cooking wine
(1) Container of garlic powder
(2) 10-packs of BIC pens*
(12) Boxes of jello
(8) Power bars
(2) Containers of Tropicana OJ
(1) Half gallon of Lactaid Milk
(1) Gallon of milk
(4) Containers of Lysol wipes
(24) yogurts
(2) Dove men's conditioner*
(2) Suave kids shampoo*
(2) Lóreal conditioners*
(1) Suave men's shampoo*
(2) Lóreal hair sprays*
(1) Bottle of spray disinfectant
(2) Bottles of dawn dish soap
(6) Boxes of taco shells
(2) Bags of diapers
(2) Boxes of cereal
(1) Jar of pasta sauce*
(1) Container of brown sugar
(4) Rolls of Pillsbury sugar cookies*

Bolded* items were free

Total spent:  $75.92

Total saved: $198.39

We thoroughly enjoyed our coupon shopping to kick off the New Year!  I hope everyone had a great week and found some good deals.
Happy Friday y'all!

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