Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Momfessionals...confessions of being a mom

Happy Tuesday y'all!  Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesday: Momfessional Moments.  This is one of my favorite link-ups because I love reading what all the other moms are doing in their "mom confessions".

I love being a mom, and I am blessed to be the mom of two wonderfully beautiful, smart, energetic girls that keep me on my toes all day long.  But sometimes... I need a mental break, a little help, or time to fake it until I make it (aka until Dad gets home).

Here are some of my confessions of being a mom:

1. Nap time
Nap time is for kids, but it's really for me.  Yes, my 15-month-old needs a nap, but my almost 4-year-old needs time away from me.  While Caroline naps for almost three hours every day, Elizabeth needs that time away from me to refresh/relax/and have a mental break.  She goes to her room for rest time where she reads, plays, looks out the window, and spends some time recharging.  After nap time/rest time both girls are happier, ready to go, and full of energy until bed time.  This time is also for me to refresh/relax/recharge and clean the house/do laundry/ send e-mails/ watching TV.

2. That time between nap time and dinner
On the days that Ben goes into the office, I feel that the time between the end of naps and the beginning of dinner seems to drag on forever.  It is usually about three hours (3pm-6pm) and once the girls have a snack, it is usually 3:30pm.  It's almost too late to go run errands (because of traffic) but it's a long time to just play in our living room.  I get very desperate for warm afternoons during the winter so that we can go outside for a little bit.  What do you do to fill that time between naps and dinner?  I am open to suggestions!  :)

 It's cold, but we have got to burn off some energy

Run girls, run!

3. My secret chocolate corner
Sometimes, I sit in the corner and eat chocolate.
If the girls are in the living room, I can sit here and eat a piece of chocolate in peace.  :)
You know you want a chocolate corner too. :)

4. My chocolate
I keep chocolate in the pantry...

5. Driving to the far away Target
Sometimes, on these long, cold winter days I need to fill our time.  So I will drive to the nice Target that is far away because it takes longer.  Yes, the store has a larger selection, but I really go there because the trip fills more time.

6. I don't want Caroline to fall asleep in the car
I will do ANYTHING to prevent Caroline from falling asleep in the car.  If we are on a long road trip- then of course, I want her to nap.  But... when we are running errands I don't want her to fall asleep.  This is because she is super baby- if she takes even the shortest 5 minute "power nap" in the car- then she won't take her long three-hour-nap in the afternoon.  I have been known to roll down windows, blast the stereo, say her name over and over again, or have Elizabeth sing to her.

She was asleep for 20 minutes when Elizabeth told us she had to go to the bathroom...
Baby sister never went back to sleep (it was a long 4 hour car drive)

7. Dressing the girls in the same clothes
I try to dress them in the same clothes when we travel.  It's my way of cheating to make sure I have packed everything I need for both of them.  If I see two of the same shirt (or pants) then I know I've packed both girls clothes.  It's my own little time saver.  And... they are easy to spot when we are in public.

 Last week... same Gap sweater

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my mom confessions.  Please follow me (on the right side of my blog) and keep up with our adventures in the Nation's Capital!

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. I don't have a margarita corner, but my husband and I do have Margarita Monday :)

  2. Dress them alike when traveling is the smartest thing! Also the chocolate corner, looks like I'll be searching the house for the perfect corner and but secret chocolate!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Lauren! The chocolate corner is awesome for a little break :)

  4. Chocolate corner!? Amazing! I dress my girls alike too!!!

  5. Love the driving to the far away Target one! Sometimes a car ride is the perfect way to kill some time! :)