Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ICE! at The Gaylord National

Last week, we took the girls to see ICE! at The Gaylord National.

I have been hearing about ICE! for several years and this year they had an unbelievable deal on Groupon so I snatched up the tickets back in October. 

We had no idea what to expect, but we had a fun (and very cold) time touring all of the displays, reading the story boards, and going down the ice slide!

 Sorry for the blurriness...Ben and Caroline walking into ICE!


 The story this year was about Santa Claus, starting when he was a baby at the orphanage.

 Elizabeth is so cute!!


 She loved all the ice and wanted to know if everything was really made out of ice.

 Too cold to smile for the camera :)

 Caroline wasn't too sure what was going on.
(FYI- kids under 3 are free)

 Family photo at the end of ICE!

 We were very cold :)

 Once back in the heat, they had a carousel and hot chocolate.

 I took Elizabeth on the world's fastest carousel
(at least it felt that way)

 But she enjoyed it

We had a fun time but I thought I would share a few notes/thoughts/etc.

1. It is NOT worth the $44 ticket price. 
Only go if you get a good deal (check Groupon and Living Social)

2. Kids under 3 are FREE!

3. Bring gloves and hats.  You can also wear your own coat.

4. You cannot take a stroller (not sure why) so be prepared to carry little ones.

5. The carousel at the end was pricey (for carousels), it was $6.

6. Bring a camera/ camera phone

7. Go down the ice slide

8. It took us about 30 minutes to go through, it could have easily taken longer but it was so cold (about 4 degrees) and the girls were done after 30 minutes

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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