Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Finals!

On Sunday I headed out to a few stores to do our shopping for the week.  I usually go to Harris Teeter, but this week I went to Giant.  Additionally, I stopped into Dollar Tree and BJs wholesale.

What I got from Giant, Dollar Tree, and BJs:

(2) Gallons of milk
(2) Bags of croutons*
(3) 4-packs of Dole fruit cups
(2) packs of Orbit gum*
(7) Bananas
(1) Bag of carrots
(1) Container of strawberries
(1) Bag of goldfish
(1) Bag of potatoes
(1) Bag of onions
(1) Bag of powdered sugar
(2) Plum squeezies
(1) Can of beef broth
(2) Bags of frozen vegetables
(1) 1/2 pound hard salami
(2) Disposable casserole containers
(2) 3-pack disposable food containers
(1) 12-count of string cheese
(1) 24-count AA batteries
(1) 8-count 9-volt batteries

The bolded items were free*

Total spent at all three stores: $61.84
Total saved: $24.50

I also stopped into CVS this week to grab wipes.  I had extra money with my coupons and Extra Care Bucks, so I grabbed a bag of goldfish.

Total spent: $0.00 = FREE

Total saved: $11.88

To preface, I want to say that Ben and the girls use any shampoo and conditioner I can get for free.  However, I am more picky and prefer professional shampoo and conditioner.  This week I couldn't pass up a great sale I viewed online (we went to the store to avoid the shipping cost).

I ran into Ulta to grab this great deal on my Redkin shampoo
(select professional shampoos and conditioners are on sale)
They are selling the liter bottles for $15.99 instead of the regular $27.
You can also use a $3.50 off $10+ purchase.  Plus- they are giving away the $3 pumps for FREE!

Total spent: $12.49

Total saved: $17.51

Happy Friday y'all!

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