Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Review: Snow, Snow, Snow!

Our weekend has been all about snow!  
We have been waiting for it, watching it, shoveling it, playing in it, sledding, more shoveling, and counting it all.
Our final count was 30 inches of snow at our house!
30. Inches. Of. Snow!
That's about how tall Caroline is :)

Here is our weekend in photos:

 Friday morning, we kept Evie.
This is the girls enjoying breakfast together.

 Taking selfies with Caroline and Evie.

 They are pros :)

 We played A LOT then enjoyed some lunch
After lunch, Evie went home and the girls went down for nap time.

Then the snow watch began...

 2pm on Friday

 2pm on Friday

 11pm on Friday

 11pm on Friday

 8am on Saturday

Watching Dad shovel on Saturday morning (around 9am)

 Ben took these when he opened the garage before shoveling

I mean... that is crazy!

 Getting ready to take the girls out (11am)

The girls were so excited :)

 Our street on Saturday morning, we got another 8 inches after this picture was taken

 So cute!

 Elizabeth making her first snow angel of the season

 All the stores were out of sleds, but I found a two-person snow tube.
The girls love it!


 Snow angel #2

Snow angel #3

The wind really started to pick up which is why these photos look funny

 The wind was awful

 The girls loved, loved, loved it!

"There is so much snow!  I love snow!"


Elizabeth and Kellan playing with their "snow shovels"

 Kellan :)

 Elizabeth and Kellan playing on the wall of snow at our house

 See how high that is?

Crazy amounts of snow!

 Saturday night, after Ben's last shoveling of the day

 See that pile, that's where all our driveway snow went

 Everyone shoveled and made these insane piles of snow

 Me next to another pile of our snow (Saturday night)

The doors to our deck (Saturday night)

 Saturday night picture of our deck.
Remember our bench?

 Sunday morning picture

Sunday morning (our street)

 Sunday morning fun in the snow

 Kellan and Elizabeth played for hours

She just loves snow!

 Our street at lunch time on Sunday

I think we are going to be here for awhile.

 The snow in front of our house

Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. That seems like it was quite the snow storm! Glad you had fun in the snow though!