Thursday, January 7, 2016

Life Lately

Life Lately has been all about:
(1) Getting organized
(2) Shopping ahead to save
(3) Getting back into our routine
(4) Getting healthy
(5) Having fun!

Last week we took Elizabeth bowling for the first time ( Caroline came too and had a blast helping us keep score, checking out the chairs, and clapping up for us).  We are thinking of doing a bowling birthday party for Elizabeth and thought we would see how she actually likes it before planning a party around it (FYI- SHE LOVED IT!).

Checking out the score 

Ben showing us how it's done

This one can't wait to be old enough to bowl too

She loved bowling with her Daddy

Putting her ball on the ramp

There it goes...

Time for mommy to bowl

PE teacher form :)

We had bumpers and the ramp for Elizabeth

We had a ton of fun!

I can't remember if I mentioned this, but on Christmas morning, our stove broke.  Died. Gone forever.  So... here is our new stove!  We went to Home Depot on the 26th and they delivered it on the 30th.  We are enjoying our new stove, but would have enjoyed NOT buying a new stove a whole lot more. :)

I have been hitting up the Target after-Christmas clearance sections and have come up with a couple of goodies.  This 4-pack of wrapping paper with bows and ribbon was 70% off!  I also picked up several 4-packs of shirt boxes for $0.25!  If you have not been to Target this week, go check it out!

I have also been searching the Target toy clearance.  Elizabeth's birthday is in February so I am already thinking of gifts for her AND I am working on putting together a gift closet.  This is the first year I am attempting a gift closet and we will see how it goes.  So far I have found a couple of small things for Elizabeth's birthday.  She LOVES the show Miles from Tomorrowland and this toy was 75% off.

This girl has turned into a WILD woman this week.  She is into EVERYTHING and she is EVERYWHERE!  Caroline is pulling out the dining room chairs and climbing into them and eating our food, she is climbing onto the couch and changing the TV channels, AND she is stealing her sister's sunglasses...

I took this picture

Then I went to do something... and came back to these pictures on my phone

I sent this picture to Liz earlier in the week.
She gave Caroline this outfit for her birthday and it was PERFECT for the 7 degree weather we had.

Baby selfie

We had cheese quesadillas for lunch yesterday.
This girl ate THE ENTIRE THING!

Harris Teeter paid me to take this cookie dough home today.
If you are a friend/neighbor/relative nearby, you might be getting some cookies from us soon.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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