Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Finals!

I did my regular shopping on Sunday evening and picked up our weekly groceries along with some more super doubles to complete my shopping.  I am trying to get back into shopping with a weekly cash budget and keeping our weekly grocery budget at $50.  I was very happy to accomplish both this week!

What I got:
(2) 6-pack Viva paper towels
(1) 12-pack Scott toilet paper
(1) Gallon of milk
(3) Boxes of special K bars
(3) Boxes of pasta
(1) Bag of meatballs
(1) Box of granola bars
(2) Boxes of garlic bread
(2) Cans of enchillada sauce
(1) Dozen eggs
(2) Containers gerber graduate snacks
(1) Bag of frozen corn
(1) Box of swiffer wet
(7) bananas
(1) Bag of baby carrots
(4) Plum squeezies
(1) 4-count crock pot liners
(1) Box of pads
(2) Boxes of tampons
(2) toothbrushes
(1) Bottle of conditioner

**When checking out, the paper towels ($8.65) rang up clearance priced at $2.16.  I had $1 off coupons that doubled, to make each 6-pack of paper towels $0.16.  :)

Total spent: $40.15

Total saved: $74.05

On Thursday, Caroline and I went by CVS and grabbed these two bags of pretzel twists for free.  Check out the CVS coupons online, they have $2/2 gold emblem snacks and these are on sale for $1 each this week... making them totally FREE!
Snacks like this are great for road trips, days at the museum, or to just have around the house.

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. good trip.. and love the name of your site jejej..