Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sixteen Months!

Dear Caroline,

You are 16 months old today!
 You hit your face twice in the last two days resulting in a bump and a black eye. :(

This month has flown by because we have been very busy!  You have been to the bowling alley, ICE at the Gaylord National, and Pennsylvania.  You had to say goodbye to your cousins, celebrated your second New Years, started eating quesadillas,  had a visit with your Great Uncle Bob, and spent the morning at the mall playground.  We have taken walks, been to the Museum of Natural History, and played in the basement.  You have been babysat by Mrs. Liz (when we went to the Bowl Game) and Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Jared (when we celebrated Nana and Pap Pap's wedding anniversary).  You also helped Mommy babysit Charlie and Jack at their house and Evie at our house.  And finally, you have had your first snow (that you are old enough to play in). 

As always my sweet baby I am amazed at how much you can do.  You are EVERYWHERE and you climb on EVERYTHING!  You follow your sister all over the house, you want to sit on the couch (or coffee table) and you constantly pull out the dining room chairs and climb into them.

You love to eat and you love to read!  I imagine if you could plan your perfect day it would involve reading books while sitting at the table eating- all day!  :)  You love just about anything we give you so it's hard to name some favorites.  Cheese, cheerios, and bananas are always good go-tos, but you really will eat anything.

You still do not talk very much (mama and da-da), but you sign a lot and you go pick up whatever it is you want.  You now have 8 teeth and you wear your hair in a pony tail everyday.

You are about 30 inches tall and 24-25 pounds.  You wear 18month-2T clothes and a size 4 diaper.  You eat three meals a day and usually 1-2 snacks.  You sleep from 6:30-7pm-7:45am most days and usually nap from 12:30pm-3ish.

You still HATE to ride in the car even though you are in a brand new, front-face, big girl car seat.  You can ask anyone that talks to mommy on the phone- you scream and cry the entire time we are driving around.  Besides riding in the car, you are happy most of the time.

Here are some a ton of pictures from your adventures this month:

 Watching everyone go bowling :)

 Having a goodbye dinner with the cousins

Going through ICE! at the Gaylord

 Celebrating New Years!

 Selfies in Elizabeth's sunglasses

Trying to get into the kitchen

 Looking cute :)

 First cheese quesadilla

The 20-minutes she slept in the car (and then cried for 3 hours)

Uncle Bob came to visit!

Babysitting Charlie and Jack

 Playing at the mall

 Playing in the basement

Walks around the neighborhood

 Learning at the Museum of Natural History

Babysitting Evie

 Cute in your pajamas

 Snow tube ride :)

You LOVED the snow :)

 Trying to draw 

Our sweet baby girl. Your dad keeps telling me your not my baby anymore, that you are now my toddler.  I am choosing to ignore this fact and keep calling you my sweet baby girl.  :)
We love you so much!  You always keep us on our toes and definitely make life more exciting!

We love you!

Mom and Dad

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