Thursday, January 21, 2016


We have been a week of fun around time and spent a little time getting ready for the blizzard.
These are some pictures of our randomness this week: 

 My best friend likes to sit in the corner of her couch
Well... so do I. :)
Any time I get up from "my" corner of the couch, this big girl hops into my seat.
Every. Single. Time.

 I don't like coffee or hot tea but I do love hot chocolate.
My MIL gave us these peep snowmen in December and I thought they tasted great 
in my hot chocolate this week.

 My snack this week.
Diet coke and peanut M&Ms.
Ever since I had Caroline I have craved peanut M&Ms.
Has anyone had food cravings since having a baby?
I also can't stand turkey sandwiches since I had Caroline (I used to eat them every day for lunch).

 My baby love

 My big girl love

 This girl stresses me out y'all!
She keeps climbing into her booster seat or pulling out our seats and climbing into them.
But... she keeps falling out of them.  
I don't know what to do.  She does it 8945378 times a day.
Today, she upped her game and took a book with her.
She ate her entire breakfast while reading her book. :)

We went to the grocery store today to pick up our last minute blizzard essentials (brownie mix) and we walked by the bread isle.  I had to take a picture because I always see pictures like this on the news.  I guess you can always use hamburger buns if you really need bread. :)

Happy Thursday y'all!
Stay warm...

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