Friday, April 3, 2015

Coupon Shopping for the week

Sunday's are when I do almost all of my shopping for the week ahead.
It's a good great time because Ben is at home and can watch the girls while I shop alone.

On Saturdays, I make up my grocery list for the week and plan where I am going to shop based on the sales and the coupons I have.

I usually go to Harris Teeter and BJs and sometimes CVS and the butcher.
I have recently added Aldi because their price on milk and produce just can't be beat.

Below is everything from my shopping trip on Sunday, March 29th:

The whole pile

 The left side of the pile

The right side of the pile

Here is my shopping breakdown:

(3) Bags of Size 3 Pampers Cruisers diapers
(3) Bottles of Dawn liquid dish soap
(1) Package of Pampers wipes- 192 count
(4) Snickers eggs
(2) 12-packs of Coke Zero
(1) 12-pack of Sprite

Total spent: $31.69
Total saved: $41.47
Percentage saved: $57%
*I also got back $10 in extra care bucks

(1) 2-pound package of ground beef
(4) 1-pound packages of ground beef

I used a Groupon that cost $12.80 for $30 worth of meat.
I had to pay an extra $1.50 because my total was $31.50.
Total spent: $14.30 
Total saved: $17.20
Percentage saved: 55%


(1) Sophia the First plate ($3.49) (Easter present for Elizabeth)
(1) Bag of chocolate covered pretzels ($1.69)
(1) 2-pound bag of green grapes ($1.98)
(1) 1-pound bag of baby carrots ($0.49)

Total spent: $7.65

*Aldi doesn't accept coupons, but I compare the prices to Harris Teeter
The Sophia plate is $7.99 at HT, a similar bag of pretzels is $4.99 at HT, the grapes are $1.99/lb at HT, and the carrots are $1.99 are HT.
So I would have spent $18.95 at Harris Teeter for these same items


(1) Extra large container of Similac formula
(1) 16-count package of Del Monte squeezies
(1) 36-count Keebler snack packs
(1) 3-lb bag of bananas
(1) 4.5 lb bag of Tyson chicken tenders
(1) package of Salami

Total spent: $62.64
Total saved: $17.45
Percentage saved: 22%

Harris Teeter:

(2) Containers of Gerber baby food
(2) Boxes of Kellogg's Poptarts
(1) Bottle of Pledge
(1) Box of Carnation instant breakfast
(1) Campbell condensed soup
(2) McCormick chili mixes
(2) Cans of Rotel tomatos and chilis
(1) Bottle of BBQ sauce
(2) Cans of Kidney beans
(3) cans of green beans
(4) boxes of Horizon Mac N Cheese
(1) 4-pack of bic razors
(1) 2-pack of Ink Joy pens
(1) Green bell pepper
(1) loaf of bread
(1) bottle of orange juice
(1) bag of shredded cheese
(1) 8-count box of go-gurt yogurt
(1) sour cream
(1) package of turkey lunch meat
(1) book of stamps
(2) boxes of special k bars

Total spent: $51.02
Total saved: $33.36
Percentage saved: 38%

Saturday morning, I had Ben run to Harris Teeter to pick up these deals before they were all gone.
(3) Bottles of Pantene conditioner
(2) boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix
(1) bag of Sargento shredded cheese

Total spent: $0.74
Total saved: $19.42
Percentage saved: 96%

So my totals for the weekend:

Total spent: $168.04
Total saved: $128.90
*I also redeemed $3.50 in deals from Ibotta and Checkout 51.
$12.80 from the total above was previously spent to buy the butcher groupon.
I received $10 in extra care bucks at CVS.

Tuesday night I ran to Harris Teeter to pick up these deals since they expired that day.

I grabbed:
 6 cans of Dole Pineapple (Elizabeth LOVES it) - 50 cents each
2 boxes of Little Debbie Easter cakes
(Ben LOVES these, they were FREE, and they will go in his Easter basket)
2 boxes of Horizon Mac n Cheese - $1 each
1 bag of Sargento shredded Mozzarella cheese - $0.99

Total spent: $4.99
Total saved: $17.10
Percentage saved: 77%

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