Friday, April 17, 2015

Coupon shopping for the week

Full disclosure: I did go to Harris Teeter three times this week.
Once on Sunday for my regular weekly shopping, once on Tuesday to get the last sale items that I found coupons for, and once on Wednesday because that is when Super Doubles started.

For Sunday:
I got:

(2) Boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
(1) Box of SeaPak popcorn shrimp
(1) 10-count box of Mott's fruit snacks
(1) 4-count box of Del Monte fruit squeezies
(5) bags of harris teeter shredded cheese
(1) 1-lb. bag of baby carrots
(2) 8-count bags of Thomas' Bagel Thins
(2) 5-count boxes of special k bars
(2) 1-pound containers of strawberries
(5) bananas
(2) loafs Natures Own whole wheat bread

Total spent: $27.96

Total saved: $35.66

Percentage saved: 56%

For Tuesday:

I got:

(2) loafs Nature's Own whole wheat bread
(1) container Country Crock spreadable butter

Total spent: $3.86

Total saved: $7.61

Percentage saved: 66%

On Wednesday:
(Did I mention I had both girls with me?)

I got:

(1) gallon of milk
(1) jug of Tropicana farmstand strawberry banana juice
(3) boxes of Quaker granola bars
(1) loaf of whole wheat bread
(4) boxes of spaghetti
(1) 4-count box of Smuckers squeezies
(1) Heinz ketchup
(1) Heinz mustard
(1) Bottle of Renu contact solution
(1) Jar of pasta sauce
(2) Ziploc plastic containers
(3) yogurts
(2) cans of baked beans
(1) bag of frozen rolls
(2) large bags of Huggies wipes
(1) bag of Pampers diapers
(1) bottle of shampoo
(2) blocks of Kraft cheese
(1) 4-pack of razors
(3) Happy Tot squeezies

Total spent: $46.28

Total saved: $93.60

Percentage saved: 67%

Happy Friday!

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