Monday, April 27, 2015

Forts, a wedding, and some toy stealing

This weekend was a whirlwind of travel and fun (for Ben) and lots of time with the ladies, celebrating, and fun (for me). 
 Friday night before bed we played on the floor.

 Elizabeth is very into Caroline's baby toys.

 Saturday morning, we went to the gym 
and then came home and made a fort.

 Elizabeth insisted we take pictures inside the fort.

Our fort.

Saturday afternoon, I attended my friends Cathy and Darren's wedding.  It was at one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been to with gorgeous stained glass windows everywhere (I really really love stained glass).

*On a side note- I want to give another thank you shout out to all of my fabulous babysitters from Saturday.  Ben had plans for a year to go camping this weekend, and I was afraid I would have to miss Cathy and Darren's wedding, but thankfully- Jessica, Noah, and Laura all volunteered to keep the girls so I could attend the wedding and the reception.  Thank you all again (and again!).

 The alter 
(there is a peek of the blue stained glass above the alter- love it!)

 Cathy and her dad 

 Cathy's dress is GORGEOUS!
And... she wore her mother's cape from 50 years ago!
Swoon!  Swoon!  Swoon!
I love lace and she was the most beautiful bride!

 You can't tell from my blurry photo, 
but Cathy and Darren have the biggest smiles on their faces.

 They are married!  Yay!
Such a fabulous couple!

 At the reception- Me, Cathy, and Jen
Look at that lace detail, LOVE!

 After some major dancing, we paused for a photo.
Me, Debbie, and Jen

Sunday was a day of recovery.  :)
The girls and I hung out in the morning and after Caroline's morning nap we went out to lunch and then the grocery store.  As soon as we pulled into the driveway from the grocery store, Ben arrived home from camping.  He had a great time (and smelled a lot like campfire).

 Sunday morning smiles

For the following photos, look at Caroline, 
she made these moves in about 10 seconds while I snapped the pictures:

 Elizabeth is oblivious that Caroline is about to take her toys :)

We had such a wonderful weekend around here and I hope you did too.

Happy Monday!

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