Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Go-to, easy dinners

Last week we enjoyed a few dinners that are on our regular rotation for go-to dinners we all enjoy.
It was a busy week and we needed food fast on some nights.
Below, I will include the recipes.

On Sunday afternoon, I made baked creamy spaghetti in the crock pot.
We enjoyed this with a side salad.
We had leftovers for dinner on Monday night.

On Tuesday night, we had roasted ranch pork chops, organic mac n' cheese, and green beans.

On Wednesday night, we had grilled bbq chicken, corn, and a side salad.
To make: Marinade chicken all day in favorite sauce.  
Grill until ready.

On Thursday night, we enjoyed pasta and meatballs.
*I always make a quick, easy dinner on Thursday because Elizabeth has swim lessons before dinner

Happy Tuesday!

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