Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Peach Dish

Friday night, Ben and I enjoyed a complimentary dinner from Peach Dish.  
Peach Dish is a company based out of Atlanta and they are working to expand their client base.

Our dinner arrived at our front door and included a three-course meal and some extra freebies.

 Our first course was delicious!
Crackers with goat cheese and orange marmalade.
It was surprisingly good and we enjoyed every bite.

 For our main course, we enjoyed lobster risotto

 It. Was. So. Good!!!!

 Our third course was a little disappointing.
Two chocolates.
Now... the chocolates were good, but we also made some chocolate chip cookies.

And for the bonus freebies- 
we got some coffee and a nature valley protein bar.

Happy Tuesday!

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