Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekend Review

Our weekend was so busy, it has taken us a few days to recover from it.  

On Friday, Ben was off from work and very nicely kept the girls while I had lunch with my cousins at Busboys and Poets.  It was fun to hang out and catch up while enjoying a relaxing ladies lunch during a weekday.  

On Friday, I met back up with my cousin, Jennifer, and we dined, toured, and happened into a club before ending the night at the coolest bar in DC.

We enjoyed dinner outside at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Tios 
The weather was perfect (and so was my margarita)

 After dinner, we went to DC and I showed Jen the sights.
Hello President Lincoln!

 Washington Monument.
We did walk up to. 
There were a bunch of people enjoying late night picnics at the monument, 
I thought that was a great idea and I am trying to find a time to do that.

 The White House.
The road and sidewalk in front of the White House were closed by the Secret Service,
I am guessing they are trying to prevent more fence jumpers.

 We ended our night at Off the Record in The Hay-Adams Hotel.
If you live in DC, you need to go here.

On Saturday...

 Elizabeth and I headed to Great Waves for the Easter Egg Hunt.
They opened the playground for the kids to play on before the egg hunt.

 Elizabeth had a blast playing

 Before the egg hunt (it was very windy)

 She only wanted purple eggs
So she kept skipping all the other eggs around her.

 After the egg hunt, she examined the whale on the golf course.

 For a long time...

 And climbed...

and climbed.

Once the egg hunt was over and she was done climbing, we headed home to make and decorate Easter cookies for dessert on Easter Sunday.

 I iced the cookies and she added sprinkles.

 We had to taste-test the cookies to make sure they were okay for everyone else.

Our finished product.

The rest of the day we hung around the house and relaxed before a fabulous Easter Sunday.

Happy Wednesday!


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