Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life Lately

This week has been a nice, non-pressure, yet busy kinda week.

On Monday morning, we built a fort and stayed in our PJs until nap time:
Elizabeth loved playing in her fort

One Princess Sophia is not enough, you must have two

 She would peak out and watch TV

By the afternoon, the sun was out and we enjoyed playing on the driveway:
 Caroline enjoyed watching us

 Elizabeth had a purple popsicle

 I love these girls!

Selfie with Mommy

  Tuesday morning it was rainy and Elizabeth suggested we play dress up
(Caroline's first dress up experience)

 She seemed to enjoy it :)

Tuesday afternoon smiles.

Elizabeth jumped off her chair to be in the picture too.

Elizabeth's lunch on Wednesday (I got a little creative)
Elizabeth loved the edible eyes on her sandwich.
She yelled, "MOM!  My sandwich has EYES!!! So cool!"

 Thursday morning (inside) play time

 Thursday after lunch (outside) play time

 Elizabeth chasing bubbles

 Making bubbles with the bubble gun

Thursday afternoon, this girl was ready for swim lessons

We have had a great week!

Happy Thursday!

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