Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Review

We have had a fabulous weekend around here.
The weather is fabulous and my family is all healthy!!

Saturday morning we headed to the zoo.
Elizabeth was checking out the otters.

Elizabeth loved every minute!
(Caroline enjoyed every minute of riding in the stroller)

These horses are the meanest horses in the world
(I overheard a zoo tour guide say this)

How cute are they?

Selfie time

Checking out some seals

On our way out we saw an alligator.
Caroline playing Saturday afternoon

And Elizabeth wanted to play with my camera

Saturday night I went with some friends to see the 80s cover band The Legwarmers
Me, Liz, Jhena, and Kyla
During intermission, we snapped some photos

We had a blast!

The Legwarmers!

Sunday afternoon we took a long walk around the neighborhood
I took this of Caroline while Ben and Elizabeth played on the basketball court

Sunday night we grilled out for the first time this year.
Annnd... we had dinner on the deck!

Happy Sunday!

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