Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Afternoon at the zoo

Last week, library preschool was cancelled, so Liz and I packed up our kids and headed to the zoo after lunch.  We had a great! (slow-moving) time at the zoo and even discovered a playground.

The zoo was getting ready for Boo at the Zoo and so we got to enjoy all the decorations (and miss the crowds)!  I will say, going in the afternoon was nice- but leave before 3:30pm because the roads start closing and changing directions at 3:45pm/4pm and we had to drive through downtown to get home.

 The zoo is decorated for Boo at the Zoo
We wanted to get a picture of all the big kids in front of the skeletons

 Elizabeth LOVES the kids farm

 Jack and I enjoyed watching the goats take a nap

 This picture is about 10 seconds before the bird started coming after all of us.
Elizabeth's hat was the same color pink as the bird, so we think (maybe) the bird thought she was a bird too (maybe?).

 In the Amazonian building...

 We discovered this "playground" this is a big piece of pizza with movable toppings

 Checking out the lions

 Checking out the alligator

On our way out, Elizabeth stopped and rode the carousel

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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