Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Disney on Ice!

Last week I took Elizabeth to see Disney on Ice and it was amazing!  Elizabeth has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse since she was old enough to be obsessed with something and so when these tickets popped up on Groupon I said "We are going!".

I have been wanting to take her for awhile, but I didn't think she was old enough last year when they were here and I am so glad I waited until she was older.  She hasn't seen a lot of Disney movies, but she loves Mickey and Minnie and that got her through the show.  She stood most of the show and danced along with the music (and mostly tried to copy the ice dancers).

We had such a great time and I highly recommend taking your kids to Disney on Ice if they love Disney.  They had scenes from several Disney movies and had six or seven scenes from Frozen.  My neighbor, Kyla, suggested I bring a princess dress with me because lots of kids dress up- I am so glad she said something because EVERYONE was dressed up (and I had no idea that was a thing).

 Trying to get her to smile AT the camera :)

 She was so excited!

 Selfie before the show starts


 We were high, but we could see EVERYTHING

 If she wasn't dancing, she was sitting in my lap


She got to pick one special treat- she choose cotton candy with an Olaf hat

We had a blast and I highly recommend the show!

Happy Wednesday y'all!

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