Thursday, October 15, 2015

Life Lately

We have been having a great week this week!  

Ben is on vacation all week and the girls and I are really enjoying having him at home. 
We have been playing on playgrounds, picking pumpkins, been out to eat, gone to library preschool, and we have run a bunch of errands.

 This girl is wearing this outfit ALL. THE. TIME.

 Tuesday night we went to our first Kids Club event at Chick-Fil-A.
Elizabeth got her face painted, did an art project, and we all enjoyed dinner.

 Working on her art project

 Finished project

 She traded in her toy for free icecream

 Can't say I blame her...

 Not to be outdone, Caroline ate two nuggets, applesauce, milk, and a bunch of cheerios

 Finally got a good picture of the entire butterfly

 All done...

 So full!

Wednesday, Elizabeth and I headed to library preschool where we met up with Liz, Jack, and Charlie.  After the library, we headed out to lunch and then Elizabeth and I ran a bunch of errands. 

Lunch time fun with Elizabeth, Charlie, and Jack!

Wednesday night, Ben made homemade pizza.
So good!  #mymancooks

Happy Thursday y'all!

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