Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life Lately

Life Lately has been super busy and I am looking forward a little slower pace for October.  We were very busy the last two weeks finishing up the details of Caroline's first birthday and actually throwing the party, so we are really looking forward to a low-key weekend.  Here's what we have been up to lately...

My mom came last week for Caroline's birthday and we enjoyed almost a whole week with Ga Ga.

 My mom brought me this Halloween decoration that had when I was kid.
I am so excited to get this and share it with my girls!

 Last Wednesday we spent the day at the zoo.
Caroline was not into having her picture taken.

 Elizabeth didn't mind having her picture taken as long as she didn't have to look at the camera.

 Thursday, Elizabeth had gymnastics, and my mom really enjoyed getting to see her in the class

 Friday, Elizabeth and I made the cornbread for Caroline's party

 This girl...LOVE!

 Elizabeth said she wanted to make "silly faces".  Done.

 Last week, Pitt put up pictures from the event at the Hay Adams... look what Ben found!

 Sunday night I used leftover cake to make vanilla pudding trifles.
This is one of Ben's favorite desserts and he was so surprised :)

 Caroline got this from her Aunt Lolly and Uncle Andy for her birthday.
The girls have been "sharing" it nonstop all week.

 Tuesday morning it was nice outside, so while Caroline napped, 
Elizabeth and I played on the driveway.

 Tuesday afternoon I surprised the girls with a trip to Krispy Kreme for free doughnuts.
The store was out of glazed doughnuts, so you could pick any other one you wanted.

 Of course Elizabeth got chocolate with sprinkles!

 Caroline had a few bites off the bottom of a chocolate iced doughnut.

 Wednesday morning, Elizabeth slept until almost 9am,
 so this girl had me all to herself all morning

 Elizabeth has insisted on sitting in Caroline's new chair,
wearing her hat from Krispy Kreme, and eating a snack

Caroline is also enjoying her chair during bottle time

And... that's life lately.

Happy Thursday y'all!

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