Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Finals {Super Doubles Edition}

Up here in Northern Virginia we had Super Doubles running this past Sunday-Tuesday at Harris Teeter.  I cut up a ton of coupons on Saturday (inserts from two weeks and a ton of printed coupons), sorted them, and then made my lists.

 Ben caught me cutting coupons :)

 Sorted them for my binder

 Trips 1 and 2 (I went to two stores) from Sunday

 A closeup of the left side :)

Closeup of the right side

The girls and I went back Monday afternoon to get some items we had duplicate coupons for

*A couple of notes:
Everything we bought is something we normally use except for the ready-to-bake cookies.
I buy our milk at our wholesale club BJs.
I didn't buy orange juice this week because we are still drinking juice from Caroline's party punch.
For my sister-in-law... I did buy a couple types of meat  :)

Everything we got:
(4) Bags of Huggies diapers
(2) 1-Liter bottles of Crest mouthwash
(3) Boxes of Special K Bars
(2) Bottles of Flintstone vitamins
(1) dozen eggs
(5) bags of shredded cheese
(1) 12-count of string cheese
(1) block of cheese
(4) Premier protein bars
(1) Dove Men's Body Wash
(1) Nivea Body Wash
(2) 4-count Light and Fit Vanilla yogurt
(3) Boxes of pasta
(4) Jars of Pace Salsa
(5) Jars of Pasta Sauce
(4) Containers of Gerber Puffs
(2) 6-count Bic razors
(2) Wishbone salad dressing
(6) Cans on Campbell soup
(9) Baby food squeezies
(3) Think thin bars
(1) Dove deodorant
(6) Bananas
(1) Ice breakers mints
(2) Packages of Johnsonville Breakfast sausage
(1) Package Land o Frost turkey meat
(2) Containers of Progresso bread crumbs
(6) Tubes of toothpaste
(2) Packages of Pillsbury ready-to-bake cookies
(2) Containers of Pillsbury biscuits
(1) Bag of frozen waffles
(2) 2-count containers of baby food
(1) Box of tampons
(4) Taco seasonings
(1) 3-pack of yeast

**All of the yogurt, pasta, deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, and salad dressings were free**

Total spent: $96.96

Total saved:  $204.30

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