Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our day at the zoo that didn't happen...

Yesterday we planned on going to the zoo.

Yesterday we drove to the zoo.

Yesterday, the zoo parking was FULL.

So... yesterday we drove around for AN HOUR looking for parking.

Yesterday, we did not make it to the zoo.  :(

So... after driving around and NEVER finding parking, we drove downtown to try to go to a museum.
We drove around all the museums for 45 minutes and never. found. parking.
We finally left DC after 2 hours of trying to go to the zoo and then a museum (any museum) and never finding a parking spot.

What we did do...

We grabbed lunch at McDonalds and then played at a "new" playground and took a nature walk.

 Elizabeth already down the slide while I help Caroline walk around

 Caroline loves to slide!

 My favorite girls

 Time for a walk on the nature trail


 This trail is two thumbs up!


 We found a bridge...

 More nature

 Ben sneaking pictures of me

 Caroline trying to see the water

 She desperately wants to be running around.

 Two of my loves.

 I love these two so much!

 Walking up the trail

 I think she has about 34 sticks in her hands

 After "nap time" where no one took a nap, I took Elizabeth outside to ride her bike.

 She loves her bike!


And that is how we turned our frowns upsidedown  :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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