Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Finals!

I hit up Harris Teeter a few times this week.  There was a great deal on Saturday for free chocolate and super inexpensive milk and Cheerios.  On Wednesday, super doubles were back and I made two trips for some great deals!
 I paid $9.02 and saved $19.90.
The chocolate was FREE, the milk was $2.57 each, and I the Cheerios were $0.97 each!

 Super Doubles first trip:
Spent $31.06 and saved $82.53

Super Doubles second trip:
Spent $29.95 and saved $60.35

What I got this week:

(2) gallons of milk
(4) boxes of Cheerios
(2) Bars of chocolate
(1) 6-pack of paper towels
(2) Bags of french fries
(1) 18-count of eggs
(4) Boxes of Special K bars
(1) Bottle of Olive Oil
(4) Bags of cough drops
(2) Bottles of dawn liquid dish soap
(4) Bananas
(1) 4-pack fruit cups
(9) cans of vegetables- corn and green beans
(2) 4-packs of vanilla yogurt
(4) Containers of Plum puffs
(2) Boxes of tissues
(2) Boxes of tampons
(2) Bags of liners
(1) Bottle of mouth wash
(2) Bags of diapers
(1) Bottle of laundry detergent
(2) 8-pack toddler yogurt
(1) 6-pack baby yogurt
(6) Gerber squeezies
(2) 4-pack pudding
(3) tooth brushes
(2) boxes of tooth paste
(1) Bottle of bubble bath
(1) tweezer
(2) Boxes of Hefty slider bags

Total spent: $70.03
Total saved: $162.78

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