Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Review!

This weekend we did a bunch of fun things and we enjoyed going new places and eating dinner with family!

 Friday we enjoyed a lazy morning around the house.
Caroline in her Halloween outfit...

 And Elizabeth in her pajamas...

 We played A LOT in the living room

 And enjoyed lunch in the dining room

Saturday morning we headed to the open house at our local fire station.  We were one of two families there when we went so Elizabeth got a lot of one-on-one time with the firefighters.  She loved every single minute and asked a ton of questions.

 Inside the ambulance
(She did not seem to remember me riding in one, which I think is good)

 Sitting in the back seat of the fire truck

 Time to try on some gear

 She was really confused as to why we would put big clothes on her :)

But she looks so cute!

 Elizabeth insisted on wearing her fire helmet backwards.
She liked the gurney ride

 She practiced rescuing someone

 They pulled him all around the station

 Firefighter Elizabeth!

 Time to put out some fires


 Baby sister enjoyed looking at all the fire trucks too!


Saturday afternoon we hung around the house and played.  After nap time, Elizabeth and I made a Halloween dessert (Candy Corn Bars) from Mix and Match Mama

 Caroline is obsessed with the hats from the fire station.

 Cute baby!

 I had to join in on the silliness.
Luckily, I have a husband that doesn't mind

 Mommy-baby fire hat selfie!

 Elizabeth and I trying to take a selfie while our candy corn bars are baking.
She fell over right as I snapped the picture and refused to take another one.

 Our finished product!
Ben doesn't like candy corn, so I left them off half of the bars.

Sunday morning we enjoyed hanging around the house, doing an art project (or two), Ben read at the 12:30 mass, and then we enjoyed hanging with Jess, Noah, and baby cousin in the evening.  It was a really relaxing day and a great start to our fall break week!

 This is another Halloween project I picked up from Michael's.

Elizabeth started naming all the markers after people she knows.  
We have:
Mommy, Daddy, Caroline
Kellan, Mama Beng, Drew,
Noah, and Ellis!
Ummm...random!  :)

 In the afternoon we made our fall 2015 bucket list

 Elizabeth LOVED decorating the list

 We took down the pictures of Caroline and replaced them with the list

Happy Monday y'all!

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