Thursday, October 8, 2015

Life Lately

We have been getting back into our regular routine this week and enjoying a few days of sunny, warmish weather.  I can already tell you guys... I am dreading winter, so time to enjoy these last few warm days of fall!

 I picked up a couple of Halloween art projects at Michael's.
They were in the $1 bin and I had a 30% entire purchase coupon.. so they were 70 cents each!  Woot!

 These are Halloween ornaments(?)

 And of course a festive snack while doing art projects!
Candy corn, candy pumpkins, and scrabble cheese-its

 We took a little time and played at the indoor playground at Landmark 

 She is growing too fast!

 Down the slide

 MOM, that was FUN!

 A couple of nights ago, Ben told me he could braid so I put him to the test.
Looks pretty good (I think, maybe)

 This birthday girl is walking everywhere

 She loves to walk all over the house

Oh hi Dad!

 Saturday morning I had to cut some coupons

 And sort some coupons

 The key to FREE Halloween candy is to get it early.
I picked up these 5 bags last week at CVS.
The store paid ME $0.67 to take these home with me. :)

 And then I made a few super doubles shopping trips this week.

I'll give details tomorrow.  :)

Snuggles with my big girl

 And of course, more festive snacks!

 Elizabeth got to pick a treat during Super Doubles and she picked Halloween cookies.
We have never made the ready to bake cookies and she was not too happy that she didn't get to mix up the ingredients or wear her apron.

BUT... she has enjoyed several of these cookies in the past 24 hours 
and I know we will be making more today. :)

Happy Thursday y'all!

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